Door Legends – Host object displaying incorrectly

An interesting graphical question came up yesterday, while visiting the Cardiff office.

The door legend, floor plan view was displaying incorrectly, showing the wall host object inside the opening of the doorset.

In the door legend, there were both elevation and plan views of the doors used. However the floor plan view was displaying the wall host element between the frame (in the opening) and on initial inspection one might assume there was a view range setting incorrectly set.

However it is not possible to set a view range in a legend item.

So what’s the problem and ultimately the solution? I hear you cry.

First, when placing an item in the legend you can set, amongst the other options on the options bar (beneath the ribbon), the host length.

Door legend options bar
Click here to enlarge

This is usually defaulted to around 914.4mm but can be changed just before placing the item, by typing the relevant size in the input box. Alternatively, if the object has already been placed, you can select the relevant object(s) and change the host length in the properties window. Once this setting is changed to a more appropriate size, you will notice the host object now displays as expected.

Click to enlarge

Do you have any other top tips about legend views, how best to set the host object or a better way to create legends. Let me know in the comments below.


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